Friday, 25 July 2014

(090) Rat In A Trap

Betrayals contd.

It was hard to know why Davey was so bitter. He could be wrestling with his inner demons. Davey had always been oddly attracted to Andy, an attraction Davey tried to deny to himself. Andy had the safe house mentality towards sex. A few times Rachel had sex with other boys in the safe house while Andy was left in the cold, it was just how things were. Davey was seething watching Andy and Rachel having sex, not least because he realised he was more jealous of Rachel than of Andy.

Having sex in front of Andy was designed to make him feel jealous like Davey had, but it backfired horribly. Now Davey would get Andy back for his apathy towards him sexually. Knowing the rest of the gang didn't like Andy and only tolerated him as he was Davey's cousin, Davey decided to take a couple of the gang-leaders into his house and catch Andy in the act. Davey didn't even think of the consequences for Andy and even if he had, it was unlikely he would have cared. Vindictive was Davey's middle name.

Andy showed up at Davey's house half an hour after he knew he would be out. What Andy didn't see was the stolen car just down the street. Davey and three of the gang watched from the darkened interior of the car.
"Ain't that your cousin?" one of the gang asked Davey.
"Yeah, he's problem going to see my mum"

Davey was getting cold feet. He hadn't told the gang who he thought was trying to steal his girlfriend, he just told them he suspected her. As they waited, the gang members were coming up with various forms of torture for whoever it was. Castration was among them. Andy and the girl were busy getting naked in the bedroom, completely unaware of what was going on outside.
"He's been in there a while" one of the gang said, getting bored.
"Probably having a beer" Davey said but the gang were getting impatient.
"I say we go look, there's something about him Davey, I wouldn't trust him"
"Nah, let's wait a bit longer" Davey said.

It only bought Andy a few more minutes, then the gang leader insisted they investigate.

The girl removed her clothes as fast as Andy and lay back on the bed. Andy's penis was ready for action and he climbed onto the bed putting his knees between the girl's. She took hold of his penis eagerly and guided him towards the spot. There was minimal resistance until Andy had half his length inside her. He pulled back a little and thrust forward more forcefully.
"Ahhhhh" the girl moaned.

Andy smiled to himself when he thought Davey hadn't made the girl utter a sound. He pulled his penis almost all the way out, then pushed forward again until his full length was buried inside the girl. She groaned softly, sticking her chest up. Andy started to build up a rhythm and the door flew open. Not sure how to react at first Andy just smiled and kept thrusting. The girl saw the gang members and started hitting Andy.
"Get off me you pervert!" she yelled.

Andy was hauled off the girl but her protestations didn't fool Davey, he heard them plotting. Davey punched the girl in the face.
"Shut up you slag" Davey said as the other gang members dragged Andy from the room.
"he made me do it" the girl bleated, tears running down her face.

The stolen car was outside the house now and Andy was bundled into it still naked. He was repeatedly punched as the car pulled away. A big debate followed as to what to do with Andy. Davey dismissed the more extreme suggestions stating his aunt would find out and there would be hell to pay. In the end Andy was driven thirty miles to a lonely country road and dumped naked to find his own way back.

The night air was cold as Andy began to walk back in the direction he lived.  It was forty-five minutes before a car headlights lit up the naked boy. Andy put a hand over his penis and stuck his thumb out to try and cadge a lift. The car stopped and Andy opened the door.
"Where are you going?" the elderly man asked.

Andy told the man the destination and hopped into the car. He was glad the remote road had no street lighting because the man kept glancing at him.
"I'm only going half way but I'll take you all the way if you wank" the man offered.
"No way" Andy said and the man stopped the car.
"Good luck getting another lift then" the man told Andy.

Realising the man wanted him to get out of the car, Andy opened the door and climbed out. His mind was in turmoil as the car drove off. Andy started yelling and ran after the car. The man saw the naked boy in the rear view mirror and stopped. Running up to the car, Andy opened the door again.
"Okay I'll wank, but that's all" Andy said.

The man turned the internal light on and watched as Andy masturbated, it was a fair exchange. Andy could freeze to death if nobody else offered him a lift. The man was true to his word and took Andy the whole distance. Andy sneaked into his house unseen and thought about going to see Davey. He didn't blame Davey for what happened because he heard his cousin asking the others not to hurt him. Andy had no idea it was Davey who set him up in the first place.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

(089) Conspiracy


Justin could be forgiven for being lulled into a false sense of security. Leaving school seemed to alleviate most of his problems, he was yet to encounter the new ones in his new found adult status. Adult didn't quite ring true. Sure he could go out to work, legally have sex, but couldn't have a cigarette afterwards, drink alcohol, or vote. He had entered the twilight tween world but it didn't faze him. He had been a misfit for the last five years, another two wouldn't hurt.

Roddy, Mark, and Spencer would of course stay on until they were eighteen, and Malcolm still had a year to go. In another part of town Daniel had left school as well, he was a ne'er-do-well but a lot was probably due to his accident and the frequent move of house. For Andy it was a different ball game completely. He too missed a lot of school due to an accident but unlike Daniel, he simply never went back. The area was rough and he was bullied. The authorities tried to impose their will but he was eventually lost in a pile of red tape, another victim of the system.

Andy had taken Davey to the safe house a few times, on two occasions Davey watched with other boys as Andy had sex with Rachel. Davey was secretly jealous of his cousin but never said so. Then one day his association with the gang landed Davey a girlfriend. After having sex with the girl two days on the trot, Davey felt it time to prove a point to Andy. Davey wanted to show his cousin he was having sex as well and invited Andy round. He had to sit in the safe house with a hard on watching Andy have sex now it was his turn.

Davey made sure he started sex with his girlfriend five minutes before Andy was due. Andy walked into the house as the cousins did when visiting each other. He opened Davey's bedroom door without knocking and saw the naked teens.
"Sorry" he said and turned to leave.
"Don't go Andy" Davey told him "we'll be done in a minute"
"As usual" the girl muttered.

Andy went inside and closed the door. He sat opposite the bed and lit up a cigarette as Davey thrust hard and fast into his girlfriend.
"Oh yeah, that's nice" Davey said for Andy's benefit.

Davey pulled out and moved his shaft between the girl's labia as his penis pumped semen onto her belly. Andy watched with mild interest. He was amazed Davey produced so much semen compared to his own almost colourless ejaculate. It wasn't that Davey was a few months younger, it was just that Andy knew his cousin's dick and balls were smaller than his own. Davey did reach puberty earlier though. He climbed off the bed and approached Andy. Davey took the cigarette from Andy's mouth and puffed on it. Andy looked at his naked cousin with his fast waning erection. He had to admit that despite the small dick, Davey did have a good body.
"I"m getting a shower" Davey said handing the cigarette back to Andy.

When Davey left the room the girl turned to Andy. She made no attempt to cover herself up, having also been educated in a safe house.
"Let's have a puff on that" she said indicating the cigarette.

Andy stood up and passed it to her. When he stood up the girl noticed the bulge in his pants.
"Enjoy the show?" she asked.
"Dunno, it was a bit quick and I like it when the girl makes a noise as well"
"Davey's only got a little dick"
"How long have you been going out with him?" Andy asked.
"Two days but I'm dumping him tomorrow"
"My dick's bigger" Andy said seeing an opportunity.
"Show me"

After a quick glance at the door Andy took his still erect penis out and the girl took it in hand.
"I'd love to have that right up"
"Just say when" Andy told the girl.

As the girl continued to stroke Andy's penis they made arrangements to meet tomorrow night, unaware Davey had left the shower and was listening to the conspiracy from outside the door. Andy would visit the girl when Davey went out with the gang, it would give them two or three hours at least. The girl had waited in Davey's bedroom for him on the first night they met, girls weren't allowed out with the boys when they were up to mischief. Andy could go round to the house to see his aunt or one of his other cousins.

The date was set and Davey quickly ran back to the bathroom. The door was slightly ajar so Andy went to check it as he zipped up. He wanted sex with the girl now but suspected Davey wouldn't like it. If she was dumping him anyway, he was better off waiting.

(088) Alone At Last

Rich Kids concl.

Justin woke early the next morning in a tangle of arms and legs. He was awake for a while before any of the others stirred. With a piss-horn a Rottweiler wouldn't chew on Justin desperately wanted to wank but the adverse reaction the previous evening forbade it. Waking up on the same bed with five naked boys whose arms and legs were all over him, was a novel experience and a huge turn-on for Justin. His head might not allow him to wank but it could do nothing to stop him being aroused. He just lay still, enjoying the close contact and finding the whole experience a little surreal.

When the other boys woke up they dressed and chattered away, with not a word about the communal masturbation of the previous evening. Justin turned over so they wouldn't see his erection and pretended to be dozing. Roddy climbed out of bed but didn't bother to dress, letting his friends see themselves out as Justin shuffled under the duvet. When his friends had gone Roddy climbed into bed next to Justin.
"Sorry if it freaked you out a bit last night" Roddy said "but I didn't think you'd mind, I mean after the stuff at school"
"I think I freaked them out" Justin replied ignoring the reference to school and Roddy nodded.
"Yes, we don't touch because then it would be gay" he explained and Justin laughed, wondering why they thought what they had done wasn't gay.
"Is that all you've done, wank together?" Justin asked.
"No, most of us have done other things" Roddy admitted.

Justin pressed Roddy for details remembering he had already denied doing anything with a boy. Roddy told Justin how far everybody in his little group had gone. In the past the boys had told each other all their intimate details on a couple of drunken nights in Roddy's room. It was after relating all their experiences one night the boys had communally masturbated for the first time. A couple of boys felt uncomfortable and never did it again but to the rest it was now almost a ritual. It was all pretty dull really because apart from fingering girls and communal masturbation, none of Roddy's friends were particularly experienced. Squirt was the only one with a story to tell and Justin asked why the others thought Squirt might shag them.

As the two boys lay in bed Roddy began to tell Justin the saga of Squirt and what he had done to Warren. He even mentioned how Squirt complained, saying someone else had done queer stuff as well.
"Did you believe Squirt?" Justin asked.
"Yes but he is a perv and it wasn't the first time" Roddy admitted.

Justin was expecting Roddy to tell of another time but instead he started to tell what the other boys had experienced. It came as no surprise to Justin when he learnt they were all virgins. Roddy paused and Justin thought the story-telling was over. Justin was frustrated. He was naked in bed with Roddy who was telling sexy stories, but felt he couldn't even touch the boy. Nothing Roddy had said suggested he would do anything sexual and after last night Justin ruled out mutual masturbation as well. Roddy looked deep into Justin's eyes.
"You know I said I hadn't done anything with a boy, that isn't strictly true" Roddy said quietly "There was one time but I didn't start it and haven't told anyone about it"
"It can't be any worse than what I have done and I won't tell"

Roddy looked unsure and Justin waited for him to make a decision. Laying back so as not to look at Justin, Roddy sighed and somewhat reluctantly began his story. Justin was suprised when the story began to tie in with what Squirt had said. Roddy didn't mention it was was Squirt but from what he said before it became obvious.
"It was Squirt, he was telling the truth" Justin exclaimed.
"Yes and I felt guilty for not sticking up for him but he did start it"

Justin had been playing with his penis under the duvet as Roddy told the tales. Without warning he reached over and grabbed Roddy's penis. Relating the experiences had obviously aroused Roddy as well and he was erect. Roddy tried to pull away but Justin jumped on him. The boys wrestled around on the bed for a few minutes before Justin managed to sit astride Roddy pinning him down by the wrists. Roddy relaxed, exhausted. Justin was sitting astride Roddy's pelvis and he could feel Roddy's dick in the groove of his butt cheeks. Moving his bum back and forth Justin tried to stimulate Roddy to the point of ejaculation. Roddy had said nobody had ever made him cum and Justin was determined to change that. After a couple of minutes Roddy started panicking and thrashed about again. Justin let him up and a slightly embarrassed Roddy dashed to the bathroom.

Roddy was gone a while and when he came back Justin wondered if he had masturbated. He didn't ask but thought it a shame Roddy had such hang-ups. Justin still wondered if there was something else Roddy wasn't telling him. It was unlikely they would ever see each other again, so why would Roddy invite Justin of all people - the school queer - to his party, or tell him about a 69 with Squirt if he didn't want sex? Justin decided there was nothing to lose and popped the question to Roddy. Roddy admitted he had an aversion to semen and the sticky mess it made. He had even stopped several girls masturbating him rather than soil his underwear. Roddy had only ever ejaculated by his own hand. Justin knew of a way he could make him cum without having to clear up the 'sticky mess' afterwards, he had another night to try and cure Roddy of his aversion.

The other boys went home for breakfast and a shower then returned to see Roddy and Justin. The last day of Justin's visit started with a visit to town and another skinny-dip in the pool. Roddy and Justin didn't bother with trunks now Justin was familiar with the other boys. Squirt was erect at one point and made a big deal of showing everyone, jumping up and down making it bounce off his belly. If they had been alone Justin would have gladly relieved Squirt, but like the others he just ignored him. Warren stayed close to Justin a lot of the time in the pool and brushed against his penis too many times for it to have been accidental.

Justin watched the boy with interest finding him really attractive. Justin wondered if he would be able to get Warren to stay with Roddy and him on the last night. It was never going to happen. Several times Justin touched him between the legs in retaliation. Warren didn't exactly jump away but nor did he linger in case the others noticed. For all Justin's scheming he couldn't find a way to get the boy on his own for five minutes. He was sure Warren wanted to as well.

It was as brazen as Justin had ever been, but fruitless. The events of the last two days made Justin horny as hell. Being masturbated by Kate then wanking with the other boys wasn't enough to dampen his ardour. Some of the other boys were more relaxed around Justin now and one or two brushed against him intimately as well. Perhaps it was due to him holding Warren's balls while he masturbated that encouraged them. They themselves may have been hoping for similar contact. Maybe they sensed Justin would have given each and every one of them a blow-job. Whatever the reason, Justin was enjoying all the attention.

That night when Roddy and Justin were alone they shared a bottle of wine. It was enough to loosen the tongue even though they weren't drunk. As they started undressing for bed Justin turned to Roddy.
"Let's sleep naked" he suggested.
"Okay" Roddy said with a shrug and peeled off his underpants.
"You know just about all your friends were touching me up in the pool" Justin mentioned casually as he slipped his own underpants off and joined Roddy in bed.

Roddy didn't comment so Justin prodded a little more.
"I would give that boy Squirt shagged a blow-job, he was touching me most and he had a hard-on"
"He would probably let you"

Justin couldn't see the point in being shy about his sexuality with Roddy anymore. After all this was probably what Roddy had planned. Roddy lay on his back with his arms by his side and Justin knew if anything was to happen it would be up to him to instigate it. He was going to make sure Roddy didn't run off to the toilet to finish himself off this time. Justin eased his way on top of Roddy and lay motionless. Roddy didn't move or say anything, the boys just looked into each others eyes. Justin had to take hold of Roddy's hands and physically put them on his buttocks. With Roddy's hands in place Justin slipped his own hands under Roddy's bum. It was a like he had pulled a trigger and Roddy suddenly became animated. With their heads over each others shoulders they rolled around the bed thrusting against each other and revelling in the skin on skin contact.

When it became obvious Roddy's excitement was building, Justin moved back and ducked under the duvet. Justin took Roddy's penis into his mouth bringing an audible groan from the boy. Concentrating on the glans Justin's tongue and lips moistened the sensitive area. Roddy suddenly tried to escape and sensing the reason Justin held firm sliding his lips all the way down Roddy's shaft.
"Ohhhh!" Roddy moaned loudly and stiffened as he climaxed.

Justin thought it fortunate the house was so large or Roddy would have been heard. Swallowing as best he could Justin wondered if Roddy's semen would ever stop pumping into his mouth. Keeping Roddy's penis in his mouth long after it stopped throbbing, Justin finally allowed it to flop out of his mouth. Justin then rolled Roddy over. Roddy made it easy for him and his legs parted enough for Justin to put his knees between them.
"Don't do it hard please" Roddy said softly and lifted his butt invitingly.

Roddy was expecting Justin to mount him and lay passively waiting for the inevitable. Justin put the tip of his penis against Roddy's hole and began masturbating. Roddy never moved nor made a sound as Justin ejaculated then cleaned him off. As Justin mopped up the last of his semen Roddy rolled onto his back again. Their eyes met.
"Thanks that was really, REALLY, nice" Roddy said smiling.
"Anytime" Justin said and meant it.

In the morning Justin woke first and furtively took Roddy in hand, he became erect immediately. Roddy half opened an eye and smiled before closing it again. Roddy reached for Justin's penis and the boys masturbated each other. They ejaculated in unison and Roddy made no attempt to rush to the en suite to finish himself off.

Both boys were sad Justin had to go home but they had the whole summer ahead of them and made arrangements for Justin to go and stay again in a couple of weeks but for longer next time.

(087) Ritual

Rich Kids contd.

The party guests started showing up and there were a lot of girls, in fact apart from one, the only boys Justin saw were those with Roddy at the station. Roddy would point to various girls and whisper a little background information in Justin's ear. The girl that interested Justin most was Kate, who the boys called 'Kit-Kate' after a chocolate bar, because a couple had fingered her and said they could get four fingers in her pussy. Kate interested Justin because he deemed her most likely to let him grope her. Justin was thankful there was alcohol flowing freely so his inhibitions and previous inability to talk to girls dissipated with each glass of wine. By ten o'clock Justin was tipsy enough to ask Kate for a dance. Roddy had put slow music on and one dance turned to three as Justin and Kate kissed passionately.

Other couples were dancing close together and kissing as well. Even Squirt who was supposed to be gay was dancing with a girl and it amused Justin. Squirt's partner was much taller than him and as they danced close together Squirt had his face buried in the girl's cleavage. He also had both hands under her skirt squeezing her buttocks. Justin had become erect during the first dance and it pressed against the girl's pelvis. She must have known but didn't object as he rubbed his penis against her. As the track ended Justin saw Squirt take his girl out through the French windows. Justin suspected it was so Squirt and his girl could get better acquainted without everyone watching.

Justin and Kate had one more dance but then Justin decided his balls would explode if he didn't get some kind of release. He needed to get Kate outside or his release would be in his pants. Easing Kate towards the French windows where Squirt and his girl left, Justin said he was hot and needed some fresh air. Kate was happy to go with him. It was very dark outside even though the dance room was dimly lit and Justin had to adjust his eyes. He looked round in vain trying to spot where Squirt had gone. Seeing no sign of him Justin took Kate's hand and led her round the side of the building where he saw some trees. They began to kiss passionately again and Justin tentatively put a hand on one of Kate's breasts.

Kate didn't object and grabbed Justin's penis, squeezing it quite hard. Justin didn't mind at all and lifted the girl's skirt. He thrust a hand inside her panties, fingers clawing for the warm moisture between Kate's legs. He pushed a finger inside the girl while his other hand undid his trousers. Kate helped and took Justin in hand when his penis sprang from its confines into the cool night air. They continued to kiss as Kate masturbated Justin nad he pushed two fingers in and out of the girl at pace.
"I'm going to cum" Justin said huskily.

He turned slightly so as not to ejaculate on Kate's clothes and his knees started to tremble.
"Ohhh" groaned Justin as his penis pumped fluids onto the ground.

Justin thought he heard someone giggle but it was very faint. Kate adjusted her clothes then kissed Justin gently on the lips.
"I'll be inside" she said and left Justin to clean up.

As Kate walked away Justin listened intently wondering if he had imagined the giggle. He heard what sounded like a series of slaps and crept towards the source of the noise. The slapping sound was getting louder and he heard someone moaning lightly. Peeking into the trees Justin saw the source of the sound. A girl was holding on to a tree whilst Squirt thrust into her from behind. Squirt was going hammer and tongs and the girl's moans were getting louder even though it sounded like she was trying to stifle them.
"Uh...uh....uh...ohhhh!" Squirt moaned and Justin watched the boy pull back from the girl as he ejaculated.

Justin hurried back to the dance unseen. In the room Kate was talking to a couple of the other girls and she smiled at Justin as he came in. Seeing Roddy on his own Justin went over to him.
"Did you have a 'four-fingered Kit-Kate'?" Roddy asked with a grin.
"No, just two fingers but she did wank me off"
"Is Squirt out there?"
"Yes. I thought you said he was gay, I saw him shagging a girl against a tree" Justin replied.
"I didn't say he was gay, I said he is a pervert that will shag anything" Roddy said and as if on cue Squirt came back into the room.

The party was a huge success as far as Justin was concerned. He was a little miffed Squirt had full sex and he had only been masturbated, but only because he regarded Squirt as a little kid. Squirt was only slightly younger than Justin but his small stature made him look a lot younger, it was probably how he managed to get away with so much. Unfortunately taxis started showing up and Kate was one of the first to leave, just when Justin thought about asking her outside again. Just thinking about what he had done then watching Squirt as well, had given Justin another erection. The other boys had snogged and groped the girls when dancing but none had gained a release, apart from Justin and Squirt. Justin hoped he had shown Roddy he wasn't queer like they said at school.

As the guests started filtering out Squirt went to talk to Roddy and Justin. Squirt saw the bulge in Justin's trousers straight away.
"You've got a hard-on" Squirt said a little too loud for Justin's liking.
"It's because I've been fingering Kate" Justin said and pushed the two fingers under Squirt's nose.

It was only meant as a joke and to deflect the attention away from his erection. Instead of pulling away as Justin expected, Squirt took the two fingers into his mouth and started sucking on them.
"Yuk" Justin said pulling his fingers away and Roddy laughed.

Justin was disappointed when Roddy told him some of the boys were staying the night. No girls were invited to stay and Justin assumed it was because they wouldn't have been allowed. Squirt was the last of those not staying to leave, doubling Justin's disappointment. He knew he wouldn't be able to have sex with Roddy but had at least hoped to cuddle him in bed. With other boys staying Justin wouldn't be able to and he thought about the guest room and maybe sleeping with Squirt. He was almost certain Squirt would have been up for some kind of relief. Justin asked Roddy why Squirt wasn't staying.
"He never sleeps over, the others are worried he might try and shag them in their sleep"
"That's a bit harsh, anyway if someone stuck their dick in me when I was asleep I'm sure I'd wake up"
"That's what Warren thought" Roddy said with a grin leaving Justin puzzled again.

It was difficult for Justin to know what was in Roddy's head. Justin, Roddy, and four other boys piled upstairs giggling drunkenly. Roddy pulled out a couple of bottles of his father's fine wine. 'So this was the 'action' he had spoken of' thought Justin 'half a dozen boys getting stupid drunk in his bedroom'. Roddy turned on the television and pressed a couple of buttons on the remote. Justin was amazed to see a porn film come on and the boys began taking their clothes off. With nobody explaining things, Justin didn't know if they were stripping off to wank (it was straight porn) or just getting ready for bed. Justin hesitated until the boys discarded their underwear then shrugged and stripped off as well.

Justin of course wondered what was going to happen but with a few glasses of wine inside him he was up for anything. The other boys lay side by side on the large bed and Justin lay back with them. Roddy handed out tissues and joined them on the bed. Justin saw all the others were almost fully erect and they started masturbating as one. It spoke volumes. This was obviously not the first time these boys indulged in such behaviour. In spite of what happened earlier Justin was a little slow to become fully erect. It was a bit of a shock as he was unfamiliar with the boys, he only really knew Roddy but even that knowledge was apparently very limited. Justin joined in without a word but after just a minute or two he was getting a little frustrated. There were five boys all wanking, staring at some milf getting fucked by a fat window cleaner. Justin would rather concentrate on watching the other boys masturbate, he wanted to touch and be touched, but they all seemed content just to tug away on their own dicks.

When they all stripped off Justin had imagined some kind of mass orgy. It was not to be. Apart from the boy next to Justin who was taking ages, the first boy to ejaculate seemed to trigger a domino effect and the others (including Justin) all climaxed in quick succession. Hearing the suppressed grunts and seeing the looks of ecstasy on the faces was enough to push Justin over the edge. As part of the protocol nobody moved until the last boy was done and they dabbed away with their tissue paper whilst waiting for Warren to finish.

Warren as Justin was later told was his name, seemed to be having a problem climaxing. Perhaps it was excess alcohol dulling his senses, it didn't look like he was ever going to cum. Of all the boys he had met at Roddy's it was Warren whom Justin found most attractive. If he could have picked any of the boys to have sex with, Warren would have been first choice for Justin. He reached over and stroked Warren's thigh lightly. It had the desired effect and Warren moved his hand with renewed vigour. Encouraged by the reaction Justin gently held the boy's testicles and he went into spasms, moaning loudly as he ejaculated. Warren ejaculated with so much force his semen hit him on the chin. It was almost as if he had never been touched before. Perhaps he hadn't.
"Wow!" Justin said and looked around grinning.

He thought everyone would be staring at Warren but it was he who was the focus of their attention. Justin had overstepped the mark by touching Warren although by the looks on their faces some of the boys were more envious than shocked. Warren's orgasm was certainly the most intense. If they were shocked at Justin touching Warren they would have been mortified if they could have read his mind.

Justin had thought of wanking him, or even sucking his dick if holding his balls hadn't worked. Roddy passed a waste paper bin around and the tissues were jettisoned, then the boys pretty much went to sleep where they lay.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

(086) School's Out

Rich Kids

Roddy admired Justin although he never told him so. He liked the way he would always stand his ground even if he knew he would be beaten. Most of all Roddy loved rugby and Justin was one of the best in their year. When Roddy heard the rumours about Justin being gay he decided to invite him along to his end of school year party. It would be perfect. Justin wouldn't be going back to school after the summer so no tales could be told.

For a long time after the incident with Squirt, Roddy wanted to explore his sexuality more. He liked girls but they were so clingy and negotiating sex was almost impossible. There was a temptation to let Squirt sleep-over on his own one night but was worried the others would find out. Squirt was hardly discreet and often let things slip. Roddy regularly masturbated with the other boys but it was inadequate after what Squirt had done. The rumours at school suggested Justin would experiment. Roddy didn't know if they were true, he had sat naked in the changing rooms with Justin for twenty minutes but didn't notice undue interest.

It was a relief for Justin to leave school, he was getting sick of being called gay. The odd thing was how reactions varied considerably. For most of the last year Justin was anonymous, then the last few weeks he was more popular than he had ever been even before the gay slurs. Okay they were hardly 'slurs' he had sucked the boy's dick, though the boy failed to say he had taught Justin how to do it first, or that they had been doing it to each other for nearly a year.

Roddy's parties were eagerly anticipated by his friends. Of all the group Roddy had the best house for sheer size. The grounds of the manor type house were immense. Justin and Roddy lived a good distance apart and had to take the train. It did mean he was invited to stay three nights to make it worthwhile. Why Roddy had invited Justin - and only him - was still a mystery to the boy. Wasn't he worried Justin might want to suck his dick if he believed the rumours. Perhaps Roddy wanted him to. The thoughts did cross Justin's mind but he dismissed them, Roddy had already said there would be lots of girls at the party.

Justin did like some boys but he liked girls as well and welcomed the chance of a snog or grope. Roddy wasn't a boy Justin 'liked' in that way, but he would still have blown him just for showing friendship. He liked Roddy as a friend and was determined to be on his best behaviour. Justin's intentions were under strain from the moment he stepped off the train. Roddy had come to meet Justin with half a dozen friends in tow. They all looked to be of a similar age although one did look a year or two younger as he was particularly small. Roddy and Justin looked at each other. It was the first time they had seen each other out of school uniform or sports gear. Roddy smiled and hugged Justin.

It took Justin by surprise, he was never hugged, even before he was called queer. Justin glanced at the other boys and Roddy introduced them. In turn the boys shook hands with Justin except the last boy 'Squirt' who hugged him. Roddy's friends threw questions at Justin all the way back to the house. They certainly weren't shy. As they entered the grounds of the house Justin couldn't believe his eyes. He knew most boys from his school had wealthy parents but the size of Roddy's house and grounds were beyond what he had imagined.

Justin had thought Spencer's house huge but it was nothing compared to the stately home he saw before him. The gang of boys walked through to the wing where Roddy reigned supreme. Squirt was proving to be a little annoying for Justin. After the rest had 'interrogated' him and seemed happy with the answers Squirt just kept going. Finally Roddy saw Justin tiring of the questions and turned on the boy.
"Look Squirt," Roddy said "he's not gay and even if he was, he wouldn't let you anywhere near him."

Justin was incredulous. Roddy just said the 'G' word, and so casually too. His words suggested as well that Squirt was thinking of sex with Justin. Roddy saw Justin's puzzled look and winked. He was perplexed. Roddy sent the other boys off and took Justin up to his room.
"If you don't mind sharing you can sleep with me, otherwise there's a room two doors down the hall with an en suite. This is where the action will be though." Roddy told Justin.

Justin didn't even know what an en suite was but the offer of sharing a bed with Roddy was too good to refuse, if only for curiosity. It looked like Justin had seriously misjudged Roddy, why else would he offer to share a bed with a boy who was labelled gay and talk of 'action'. Roddy's room was almost the size of the whole top floor in Justin's house. The bed was outsized as well and a huge television screen was at the foot. .
"I'll take a chance" Justin replied putting his bag down and Roddy laughed.
"Come on" Roddy urged as he stripped naked.

What happened to easing into things. Justin began to undress now completely bemused. Roddy was a different person to the quiet unassuming schoolboy he knew. Surely he didn't want sex now, not with all his friends downstairs. Roddy was naked and rummaging through a drawer before Justin had even taken his trousers off. Justin's mind was creating all sorts of scenarios. All except the right one!

Turning from the drawers, Roddy held two pairs of swimming trunks (Speedos) and threw a pair to Justin.
"Come on slow-coach the others will already be in the pool by now" Roddy said as he pulled his trunks on.
"Pool?" Justin repeated in disbelief.
"Yes" he said as if everybody had one "Pool, don't you want a swim?"
"Yeah of course" Justin blurted out, trying not to appear stupid or awestruck.

Having now seen the light he quickly changed - under Roddy's scrutiny - then followed him down to the pool. The pool was an extension of the house and the boys who escorted Justin back from the station were already swimming. Most were naked but two others wore trunks.
"You have to wear proper swimwear or nothing" Roddy stated answering Justin's unasked question "For hygiene. Father doesn't like people washing their undies in the pool. Oh, and NO pissing in the pool" he added laughing.

It was a lot of fun splashing about and playing tag in the pool. Justin wondered how his friends at home would react if he had a pool. He doubted they would believe him if told them about Roddy's house, let alone the pool. It was strange for Justin how they all played, splashed, and ducked each other for a couple of hours, but not once did his mind turn to sex. 'Strange' considering most of the boys were naked. He was taken back to those days skinny-dipping with friends before puberty arrived and complicated things.

Eventually Roddy called time and everybody vacated the pool. The boys crammed into the showers at one end of the pool. There were four nozzles and they jostled for position to wash the chlorine off. Roddy and the other two boys wearing trunks took them off as they showered, but Justin didn't and Squirt noticed.
"What's up with him?" he asked Roddy "Is he shy or something?"
"No Squirt, he just don't want little pervs like you eyeing him up" Roddy said and everyone laughed.

Squirt was unfazed and continue to watch Justin with interest. Justin took the trunks off to show he was no prude and a few boys glanced his way briefly. Squirt however stared long and hard at Justin's penis making him a little uncomfortable, but only because Justin thought his penis might sense the attention and wake up. Squirt did it obviously as well and Justin tried to ignore him. He found it quite flattering in a way, it was just so odd a boy would stare so openly and the other boys didn't say anything.

When the last boy had gone home Justin and Roddy went back to the bedroom to change. They walked through the house naked and the elderly maid saw them. She didn't seem surprised to see two naked teens walking through the house and Roddy made no attempt to cover up. Justin placed his hands in front of himself discreetly and was glad to get to the bedroom in case Roddy's parents saw them as well.
"What is the story with Squirt?" Justin asked as he watched Roddy flop onto the bed.
"Squirt?" laughed Roddy "He's a budding pervert. He will shag anything that moves, and he's always playing with himself"

It was the way Roddy spoke which surprised Justin. He and the rest of his friends knew Squirt to be gay but were at ease with his presence, even when naked. In addition they didn't treat Squirt any differently, all seeming to accept that was just the way he is. Justin decided to keep his distance from Squirt, even though he found the boy appealing and under other circumstances would gladly have sex with him. Roddy was full of surprises and Justin began to think he was in fact gay. It was a thought that worried him a little, would Roddy want to shag him, is that why he was invited, did he think Justin would want it. But then why would Roddy tell Squirt to stop perving on Justin.
"Have you got a girlfriend?" Justin asked climbing onto the bed beside Roddy.
"No, but tomorrow I might get one" Roddy said and winked.

Justin rolled onto his belly. He had been on his best behaviour in the pool but laying on the bed naked with Roddy was giving him a familiar tingling. The growth was steady and if Roddy suddenly decided it was time to put some clothes on Justin's arousal would be obvious. Thinking fast, Justin needed an excuse for having an erection.
"What have you done with a girl?" he asked.

Roddy spoke remarkably frankly and admitted he was a virgin. He was popular with girls but the ones he attracted weren't forthcoming. Kissing, groping, and fingering, was all he had experienced. He hadn't even been masturbated to completion by a girl. Justin didn't realise he left himself open to questioning as well.
"So what did you and Mark do? I don't mind I'm just curious"

Justin knew Roddy would be going back to school until he was eighteen and so would Mark. He had already left so Justin thought he would tell the whole story. Mark had only told of one incident just before Justin's fifteenth birthday but it had actually begun nearly a year earlier.
"Mark came to stay with me for a couple of days at Easter" Justin began.
"He said it was Christmas and you went to stay with him" Roddy contradicted.
"That was the last time, not the first"

Deciding there was nothing to lose, Justin told Roddy the whole story about Mark. By the end Roddy's penis was showing signs of growth but Justin felt he had shared enough and it was Roddy's turn. Justin could see all sorts of questions mulling over in Roddy's mind and jumped in quick.
"Have you ever done anything with a boy?"
"No" Roddy said quietly but Justin was sceptical.
"Aren't you worried if you sleep with me I might suck your dick?" Justin asked and Roddy laughed.
"Of course not" he said.

The boys dressed and went down to eat where Justin met Roddy's parents. They paid little attention to the boys and it felt to Justin that Roddy's parents were more like landlords than mother and father. Justin and Roddy spent the evening playing snooker and went to bed quite late. They slept in their underwear, Justin would have liked to at least wank with Roddy but from what had been said thought it unlikely. The boys shared the huge bed and drifted off to sleep without incident. Justin concentrated his thoughts on the party. He might not be able to have some boy fun but he wasn't so shy with girls now and hoped one would be available.

Justin slept well and was eventually nudged awake by Roddy.
"Fancy a swim?"
"Isn't it a bit early?" Justin groaned.
"I usually go for a swim first thing, it wakes me up"

Roddy was out of bed and slipped his underpants off as Justin tried to rouse himself. It seemed odd getting out of bed and undressing. Standing with arms folded and tapping a foot impatiently, Roddy looked at Justin struggling out of bed. Justin was reluctant to get from under the duvet as his morning affliction would be in evidence, but it was clear Roddy wasn't going anywhere without him.
"I've got a morning wood Roddy" Justin said throwing back the duvet "and it won't go away unless I wank"

Justin saw Roddy glance at the bulge in his underpants and threw him a box of tissues.
"Okay but hurry up, we have to get the party ready"

Taking his underpants off Justin lay back on the bed and started masturbating. Roddy watched, which made Justin feel a little uncomfortable, but he carried on anyway. After Justin had ejaculated his penis started to wilt but it was obvious it had just been in action.
"Where are the trunks?" Justin asked when his penis had returned to near normal.
"In the wash but we don't need them, it's only us"

The boys raced downstairs naked and it felt strange to Justin but exhilarating. They were laughing but as they entered the pool area Justin's face drained of colour. Roddy's mother was in the pool already. She had a bikini and bath cap on. Roddy jumped into the pool ignoring his mother as she swam up and down the pool. Justin jumped in so she wouldn't see his penis. The boys splashed and ducked each other and Roddy's mother vacated the pool. Justin watched her showering, then she took off her bath cap and bikini. For a couple of seconds Justin saw the woman in all her glory. She didn't look old enough to have a sixteen year old son. Roddy's mother put on a white bathrobe and left the pool area.
"Shit Roddy, I'd do your mum"
"Step-mother" Roddy corrected "and I'd do her as well"
"Doesn't she mind you seeing her naked?" Justin asked.
"Dad doesn't like it, especially when I have friends round, but he's a hypocrite. Sandra was a naturist when he met her"

An early dip did indeed wake Justin up and the boys went to the shower. Roddy shampooed Justin's hair and soaped his back but stopped at the buttocks. When Roddy turned round Justin returned the favour. The contact was a display of friendship rather than anything sexual but Justin still felt his penis growing again. He already liked Roddy for not shunning him at school but his affection for the boy was growing by the minute. It wasn't what Justin had expected to happen, he had never thought of Roddy as a sexual partner even though he would have blown him just for showing friendship. Now he wanted to do it just to make Roddy feel good.

Roddy had stopped at Justin's lower back when soaping him but Justin carried on down to Roddy's bum. They were smooth and firm. The non-sexual contact was suddenly becoming erotic and Justin was erect again in seconds. He felt ashamed.
"Roddy" Justin said looking down in shame.

Turning back to face his friend, Roddy glanced down at the source of Justin's shame. Justin couldn't look at him. Roddy kissed Justin on the cheek.
"Don't worry, it happens to Squirt all the time and I don't mind you being gay" Roddy said softly.

It almost brought tears to Justin's eyes, he had always been teased and bullied because of the rumours about his sexuality. Roddy wasn't judging him even though Justin had rubbed his buttocks and was erect as a result.
"I like girls as well" Justin said weakly.

Roddy said they had to get the party ready but in reality it was the maid and valet who did all the work. Roddy and Justin played tennis instead. It was very one-sided and Justin barely had a look in, but still enjoyed it. He just liked being with Roddy. They had changed into whites for the game and back in the bedroom they changed back into regular clothes. Justin couldn't help thinking Roddy changed his clothes more times in a day than he did in a week.