Sunday, 13 July 2014


There are still another 30 drafts to post before getting to the beginning of the Wet Day Dreamer story which will be expanded here. Wet Day Dreamer just concentrated on one main character whilst much is known about others in the story. Dunmyeddin is the full length version of WDD and the first 90-100 posts as you can see are about earlier experiences (pre leaving school at sixteen). Obviously not everything is known about every character so there are some gaps in this early part which I would rather leave blank than guess.

This coming week I will be backdating existing posts by one month and hope to have caught up to the beginning of WDD. The story will then be expanded as stated by including events not directly involving the central character. Thank you for your patience.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

(062) Make Up Sex

Whether it was genuine remorse or the fact he wasn't getting any sex was questionable. Whatever the motives Jeremy bumped into Tyler after school one day. He had spent months avoiding Tyler and could easily have done so again. Tyler looked down and kept walking intending to ignore Jeremy.

Tyler didn't do anything to suggest he had heard and Jeremy jogged after him.
"Please Ty I just want to talk"
"I've got nothing to say to you" Tyler snapped.
"It wasn't my fault they heard what you said" Jeremy pleaded.
"You was being mean before that and you shoved me after"

Jeremy looked shame-faced.
"I had to or they would have thought I was..... you know, like you"
"So aren't you...... like me?"
"Well, no. Not really"
"Hah!" Tyler snorted and started walking again.

Jeremy caught him up again.
"Please don't be like that, I'm sorry honest!"
"Apology accepted now leave me alone"

Tyler turned to go again but Jeremy grabbed his arm. Tyler whirled round, glanced at Jeremy's hand on his forearm and then looked into his eyes scowling.
"What the fuck do you want?"

Removing his hand quickly and looking at the floor Jeremy shrugged.
"I just thought we could mess about like we used to"
"And what would your homophobic friends say to that"
"I won't tell them" Jeremy said softly, still looking down.

Tyler's tone mellowed but he wasn't about to let Jeremy off the hook just yet.
"How do you work out you're not like me?"
"Well you like doing gay stuff"
"I'd never done anything with anyone until you butt fucked me, and I didn't ask you to do it"
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do it, it just happened. You wearing that dress and all was funny but when I saw your bare bum I just got horny. I won't do it again. Promise"
"Pity I was going to invite you round" Tyler said mischievously and Jeremy's eyes widened.

Tyler laughed and Jeremy thinking he was messing with him joined in. The boys walked back together towards Tyler's house. Tyler had enjoyed what he had done with Jeremy but it was a while ago now and he hadn't had sex since. Jeremy making up was surprising and after so long Tyler thought there must be more to it than just being friendly. He knew at school Jeremy was one of the few boys his age who didn't have a girlfriend. As they stood at the end of his driveway Tyler made a decision. He stared into Jeremy's eyes.
"My parents won't be home for an hour do you want to come in and do stuff?"
"What will we do?" Jeremy asked sounding a little nervous.
"Same as last time if you want"
"You mean play mums and dads?" Jeremy whispered.
"As long as you make me cum as well"
"Shhh!" Jeremy hissed worried that someone might appear suddenly in the empty street and hear them.

The boys went inside the house and straight to Tyler's bedroom. Tyler began to strip off and was naked before Jeremy had taken anything off.
"Come on we haven't got that long" Tyler prompted.

Anticipating what was about to happen Tyler was already erect but as Jeremy finally allowed his underpants to drop to the floor it was obvious his penis had barely risen at all.
"Aren't you going to put your mum's dress on?"
"There's not enough time"
"So what do we do now?"
"What do you think?
"I guess we should snog or something"

It wasn't what Tyler was expecting Jeremy to say but he wasn't going to refuse and moved towards him. The boys put their arms around each other and the furtive kiss soon became passionate. As their naked bodies pressed against each other Tyler felt Jeremy's penis pressing against his belly, leaving him no doubt it was no longer relaxed.

Tyler pushed Jeremy back until he sat back on the bed. Tyler had a dilemma. He wanted to both suck on Jeremy's penis and have him inside him. Tyler doubted Jeremy's longevity had improved over the months so he chose the latter and turned round. Bending over, Tyler eased back into Jeremy's lap hovering over the boy's penis. Jeremy took the hint and pointed his penis against Tyler's bum the tip just touching the hole.

Tyler sat back gently but Jeremy's penis slipped up the crack, so he raised himself again for another attempt. A combination of him sitting back and Jeremy pushing up with his pelvis saw the glans enter Tyler bringing a groan from both boys. Tyler had looked at Jeremy's fully erect penis, it seemed bigger than it had last time. He rose and sat back gently taking a little more in each time. Bigger or not Tyler was soon sat back all the way with Jeremy fully inside him. Tyler couldn't help thinking that it would have been all over by then had it been a few months ago.

Jeremy reached round with both hands, one taking hold of Tyler's penis, the other squeezing the non-existent breasts. When Jeremy started kissing and licking Tyler's back it was all a little too much. Although Jeremy was only masturbating Tyler slowly, in time to his up and downward motions, it was Tyler's turn to ejaculate prematurely. Jeremy felt the sticky liquid dribbling over his fingers.

Knowing what had happened prompted more speed from Jeremy and he thrust up harder and faster bringing groans from Tyler. Sensing Jeremy was close to climaxing as well, Tyler bounced up and down faster as he shut his mind off to the discomfort. He was rewarded as Jeremy let out a long satisfied moan signalling his orgasm. Tyler raised himself off Jeremy and dashed to the bathroom, worried either of their fluids might drop on something that stains. Jeremy was dressed when he came back and his awkwardness returned.
"That was nice" Jeremy admitted somewhat reluctantly.
"Yeah, we should do it more"
"Yeah" Jeremy agreed but didn't sound too convincing.

Jeremy still wouldn't associate with Tyler at school but when they met in the street they smiled and nodded to each other. It seemed like Jeremy needed time to get over his feelings of guilt, but at least it wouldn't take as long as last time.

Friday, 11 July 2014

(061) The Odd Couple

School was a lonely place for Tyler after his offer to Jeremy was overheard. The homophobic taunts he could deal with, but the bullying became physical and lunch break was a nightmare for him. He tried to stay out of the way and be anonymous but the bullies would actively seek him out. Tyler's salvation was to come from an unlikely source.

For as much as Tyler liked to wear his mother's clothes, Aggie used to keep her hair short and dress as much like a boy as was allowed. When Aggie's father first suspected his daughter might not be forthcoming with any grandchildren he forced her to wear dresses and skirts. She hated it because lots of girls wore trousers to school, especially in winter, but Aggie didn't even possess a pair. Aggie and Tyler found each other one day when Aggie was smoking a cigarette behind the Arts and Crafts building at school. It was soon after Tyler's bullying had begun in earnest. Aggie heard the approach of several boys and ducked out of sight.

Tyler was dragged into view by three other boys. He had one on each arm and the other was pulling him along by his long curly hair. There were no protests from Tyler who seemed to be in acceptance of his fate. He had been pantsed, wedgied, and thrown naked from the changing rooms so many times since his peers found out he was gay, nearly every boy and girl in his year had seen him in various degrees of undress. It was strange to Tyler that the boys who gave him the most homophobic abuse were usually the ones who pulled his pants down.

Even when he was thrown out of the changing rooms naked Tyler felt no shame, and didn't even try to cover his modesty. It was just a part of everyday life. Ironically he found himself in front of the headmaster and the usual refusal to name his tormentors resulted in yet another letter home, and another slapped face off his father.

Tyler hated his father more than the bullies. To get slapped for being bullied was to him just another form of bullying. His father couldn't even look him in the eye anymore and the slapping had stopped recently. It was because of the last time his father slapped him, splitting his lip open. Tyler didn't cry but couldn't stop his eyes watering and when he felt the blood dribble onto his chin, Tyler looked venomously at his father and spat the blood into his face.

Blows rained down on him and only his mother prevented Tyler from being hurt bad. Tyler still had to have two days off school but his father hadn't hit him since. The boys pushed Tyler into the corner unaware they were being watched by Aggie.
"I saw you looking at me in the changing rooms you little faggot" the biggest one said.

The bully undid his zipper and took out his penis.
"You want to blow me don't you?"
"Give me five quid each and I'll blow you all" Tyler replied defiantly.
"Fuck you, you should pay us" another of the boys said and Tyler pulled a twenty pound note out of his pocket.
"Got any change?" Tyler asked offering the money.

The biggest boy hit Tyler in the face and he fell to his hands and knees. The third bully lashed out with his foot kicking Tyler in the ribs causing him to cry out in pain and roll onto his back. As the bullies went to inflict more pain Aggie stepped out from her hiding place. She had picked up a broken branch and held it menacingly.
"Leave him alone!"

The bullies span round to face her, and the biggest one laughed.
"Well if it isn't the dyke bitch. What're you gonna do you can't beat all three of us"
"I don't need to, I'm just going to break this over your head you fat cunt"

The bully looked at Aggie's face and he knew she meant it. He laughed again but his voice shook slightly as he turned to his cronies.
"Come on let's leave the freaks alone so they can fuck each other, when they make up their minds who will do the fucking"

They turned and left. Tyler got up wincing as he touched his ribs gingerly. Aggie put the cigarette in her mouth and lifted Tyler's shirt gently. He pulled back a little surprised.
"Don't worry I'm not going to rape you" Aggie said and Tyler laughed, causing him to wince again.
"It's not like you could"
"You wouldn't say that if you saw my secret drawer at home" Aggie said laughing.

Tyler was puzzled and digesting what Aggie had just said but she broke his train of thought.
"That'll be one hell of a bruise, why don't you stand up for yourself?"
"Yeah sure, what could I do one against three"
"Duh hello! How many of me are there?"
"Yeah but you're......." Tyler's words trailed off.
"I'm what?" Aggie asked frowning.
"You're a girl. They won't hit a girl"

Aggie laughed. It was the beginning of a strange friendship. Tyler and Aggie became inseparable at school. Aggie started Tyler smoking and as they hid out of sight, their talk eventually went to sex. It was good for them both because neither could talk to their peers about it, due to their preferences, but they found a sympathetic ear with each other. In time Tyler told Aggie about Jeremy and the circumstances surrounding when they had sex.
"At least you've had sex with something that doesn't need batteries" Aggie snorted and they both burst out laughing.

Their eyes met and their friendship seemed to go to another level. Tyler looked at Aggie as if trying to read her thoughts.
"Shame you haven't got a dick" he said and kissed her on the lips.

Aggie pulled back quickly wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.
"Do that again and you won't have a dick" she said angrily but seeing the hurt look on Tyler's face she smiled and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

Aggie started visiting Tyler's house when his parents were out and pretty soon they started dressing up. Aggie would put Tyler's clothes on and Tyler would put his mother's dresses on. He liked her dresses but intimated he didn't like the underwear because it was too large and 'functional'. He may have been almost as tall as his mother but she had a much bigger bum. Tyler wanted frilly, dainty underwear to try on. Aggie went round to Tyler's house one day after school. They had at least an hour before his parents returned from work.
"I've got something for you" Aggie said and handed Tyler a bag.

He looked inside and his eyes lit up.
"Oh wow! For me?" he asked and Aggie nodded.

The pair raced up to Tyler's bedroom where he eagerly took the black lacey panties and bra from the bag and started undressing.
"Aren't you forgetting something?" Aggie asked.
"You know where it is help yourself" Tyler replied nodding to his wardrobe.

Tyler pulled the panties on delighting in the feel against his skin while Aggie pulled out her favourite pair of Tyler's boxer briefs and started stripping off.
"You can keep them if you want" Tyler offered.
"Of course"

They had been naked in front of each other many times by then but neither showed the slightest interest in the other, although on one or two occasions they messed around. There was never any real sexual intent however dirty the talk became.

Seeing Tyler struggling with the bra Aggie went and helped him on with it. So engrossed were they that Tyler's father coming home from work early took them by surprise. He was already in the house when they heard him shout up the stairs.
"Fuck, it's my dad"

They quickly took off the underwear but it was too late to get dressed. Aggie looked around and made a decision. She jumped into Tyler's bed.
"Quick get in" she hissed, and without a second thought Tyler jumped in, Aggie pulling him on top of her just as the bedroom door opened.
"What the hell is......"

Tyler's father saw Aggie's short hair and thought she was a boy at first, but when Tyler turned on his side the duvet moved back far enough for his father to see one of Aggie's breasts. Tyler's father blushed and looked perplexed.
"Sorry son" he said and left the room closing the door behind him.

Aggie and Tyler put their hands over their mouths trying hard to suppress their laughter. Tyler was still on top of Aggie.
"Tyler?" Aggie said looking at Tyler quizzically.

It was Tyler's turn to blush. At some point he had gained an erection. Tyler jumped out of bed hastily.
"You ARE gay aren't you?" Aggie asked suspiciously.
"YES!" he snapped his back to the girl.
"Let me see"
"I might never see another one"
"You've seen it loads"
"Yes but never like that"

Tyler turned round allowing Aggie to look as his penis began to droop. Aggie shook her shoulders a little as if shuddering. She got out of bed and kissed Tyler on the cheek.
"Not my thing but if I ever change my mind....." Aggie said and they both laughed again.

They dressed and stashed their illicit underwear. There was still the awkward moment to face when they went downstairs. Tyler's dad had recovered from his shock and was quite chirpy. The pair had tried to get out without being seen but Tyler's dad was ready for them.
"Aren't you going to introduce me?" he asked.
"I'm Agatha, pleased to meet you" Aggie said offering a hand.

Tyler's dad shook it smiling.
"See, that wasn't hard was it" he said and the teens turned to leave.

They had just reached the door when his father called Tyler back. Tyler rolled his eyes and went back to the kitchen where his father was waiting. He handed Tyler twenty pounds.
"Here take Agatha out and don't be later than 11 o'clock"
"Thanks dad" Tyler said dumbfounded.

It was usually hard work getting five pounds off his father and he generally had to be in by 9:30 on a weekday.
"Oh and Tyler...."
"Yes dad?" Tyler sighed.
"I'm sorry I thought you were.... queer, but wearing your mum's dresses and stuff, I mean I didn't know dressing up didn't mean you were.... you know. You did wear protection didn't you?"
"Yes dad, heard you dad, got the message dad..... thanks dad"

Tyler and Aggie laughed all the way to the burger bar.
"Wonder if it would work with my dad" Aggie mused.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

(060) As If

All the dirty talk at school with Spencer and Ian was driving Justin nuts. Paul giving him an erection on the bus didn't help. Justin had been spoilt for sex with Mark and Malcolm, now there was nothing. Trevor and Alex were two brothers Justin played football with but weren't among his close friends. Trevor was seventeen and Alex was fifteen like Justin, although a few months younger. Justin thought he noticed Alex looking at his groin a couple of times. It could have been imagination but Justin decided to find out for sure.

The opportunity presented itself when his mother went away for the weekend, Justin's father was working away from home. Justin invited the brothers and one of Trevor's friends round for drinks. Alex was the better looking of the two brothers but Justin was more friendly with the older brother Trevor. the evening was spent playing cards and whenever Justin had the chance he would brush lightly against Alex. Alex responded in kind. All the boys were all drunk when a taxi was called around midnight. However, when the taxi arrived they couldn’t rouse Alex, and Justin said he could stay where he was on the front room floor. The taxi driver was getting impatient so they left him.

As soon as the door was closed Justin tried to rouse Alex, convinced it was an act. Alex had been comatose when Trevor tried to wake him up, but he moved with a bit of urging from Justin. Alex still flopped about drunkenly and Justin helped him up saying he needed to go to bed. Justin half carried him upstairs, but without Alex's help he would never have made it. They staggered into the bedroom and Alex flopped back on the bed. Justin set about undressing Alex. His T-shirt came off without much trouble then Justin unbuttoned his jeans. As he pulled the jeans down Justin overbalanced and flopped forward. He went face first into Alex’s groin and noticed the rapidly growing penis.

Justin didn't move and instead curled up with his head resting on Alex's hip. He watched in fascination as Alex's penis grew, and grew, and grew. Alex had the longest (erect) penis Justin had seen to date. Justin felt Alex's hand on his head gently pushing it towards the now fully erect penis.
"Go on Trish, suck it" Alex mumbled pushing Justin's head down a little further.

With his lips coming to rest against the tip of Alex's penis, Justin pulled the boy's underpants down below his balls. Justin moved his head back slightly to look at the biggest penis he had ever seen. Willy at school was huge when flaccid but not much bigger than Justin erect. Alex didn't quite have the same girth but the length beat Willy. He stared in awe until Alex pushed his head again. Justin allowed his lips to rest on the glans, still half hidden by the foreskin.
"Oh yeah" mumbled Alex again "Suck it Trish, please"

Putting the tip of his tongue just behind pursed lips, Justin moved it from side to side.
"Oh fuck yeah Trish!" muttered Alex a little louder.

Alex thrust his hips upwards slowly and Justin let the huge erection enter his mouth. It annoyed Justin that Alex was muttering the girl's name as if semi-conscious, yet had the wherewithal to push his penis into his face. Who was he trying to kid, he certainly wasn't fooling Justin. Justin had to put a fist round Alex's penis to stop himself being choked as the thrusting became faster.
"Oh fuck yeah Trish, I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum!" the 'sleeping' boy almost shouted.

Justin took as much of Alex's penis into his mouth as he could, and masturbated the base of the shaft with his hand. He swallowed gamely as Alex let out a prolonged grunt and lifted his bum high off the bed. As annoying as Justin found Alex's use of a girl's name, he found the vocalisation a turn on. Justin was still only used to sex in silence. It was so much better to hear gasps and groans of pleasure. It could never have happened if his parents were home though.

Taking his clothes off quickly, Justin rested his weight on Alex and began thrusting. Alex didn't move and kept his eyes closed as Justin took his pleasure. Lifting himself with his arms, Justin looked down at his penis moving alongside Alex's fast wilting member. White jets spewed from the tip as Justin watched himself ejaculate. Justin left Alex where he was and went downstairs to sleep on the settee.

In the morning Alex came down dressed and was quite bubbly, saying he had a wet dream. ‘Yeah, I bet’ Justin thought, but never said anything.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

(059) Duck To Water

Victor intimated that when the boys went downstairs the dynamics seemed to change. Derek had been in control up until that point, but downstairs Derek started drinking really quickly, as though he was nervous. Victor ended up regretting it because he really wanted Derek inside him in a dominant way. Whilst Derek was in control, he seemed to crave sex with Victor, but the younger boy's willingness, even zeal, made Derek a little unsure of himself.

The boys didn't bother dressing to go downstairs and Victor couldn't tear his eyes away from Derek's body. He was still wasn't an adult but his muscles were well defined. Victor was nearly as tall as Derek but his build was slight by comparison. Derek poured himself a drink and this time Victor accepted one. Derek had already drunk his and was pouring another before Victor had taken more than a few sips. When Derek went to sit back down, Victor stopped him. As Victor moved further down, he sat across the top of Derek's legs. He leaned forward and began to lick Derek's back. As he did so Victor's penis rested on Derek's buttocks. Derek asked a little nervously:
"You're not going to do anything are you?"

Victor whispered wickedly:
"Not unless you want me to"

Victor was feeling on top of the world. Here he was sat astride probably the toughest boy he knew and yet Derek was worried about what Victor was going to do to him. Victor suddenly felt more powerful than at any other time in his life. He moved even further down licking the small of Derek's back. As he did so Victor moved Derek's legs apart. Derek resisted at first.
"Are you sure you're not going to do anything?"

Derek let his legs be parted. Derek's penis was almost fully erect but was pointing down between his legs, which Victor thought looked a little uncomfortable but he didn't seem to mind. Victor licked at it hungrily and it seemed to stretch further. Then he stopped and laid full length on top of Derek, delighting in the warmth of the other boy's skin.

They didn't move for fully five minutes then Derek awkwardly turned over beneath Victor. They lay face to face and Victor kissed Derek, but he wouldn't allow his mouth to open. Victor sat up again, sitting high up Derek's stomach. He leaned forward and his penis touched Derek's chin. Derek craned his head forward and took the tip of Victor's penis into his mouth. Victor thought it was odd that Derek wouldn't let him put his tongue in his mouth yet he was happy to let his penis enter it.

It felt nice but Victor was determined not to get distracted and he pulled back moving down Derek's body. Reaching behind him, Victor took hold of Derek's penis and positioned it as though it was his mother's rolling pin. He sat back hard and felt Derek penetrating him to almost half way. Derek lay still, happy to let Victor ride him. Pretty soon Victor was sitting all the way down taking in Derek's full length.

As Victor became used to the intrusion he built up a rhythm, Derek reached down and masturbated him. Victor ejaculated within a minute, spilling his load onto Derek's stomach but the older boy didn't mind nor did he stop, Victor's own semen lubricating the motion. For another five minutes, Victor bounced up and down but still Derek hadn't reached a climax and although Victor had remained stiff, he didn't want to be masturbated anymore.
"You get on top" he said.

They disengaged long enough for him to lay face down, legs spread. Derek positioned himself between Victor's legs and entered him with ease. Victor was mildly disappointed Derek didn't rest his full weight on him, but he was still enjoying the experience. In this position it didn't take Derek long.
"Is it alright if I cum inside you?"

Victor thought the question was somewhat odd.
"Of course. It's not like I'll get pregnant" he said and Derek ejaculated seconds later.

The whole experience must have unnerved Derek because after that, not only did he distance himself from Victor but he also stopped him from hanging around with the group, possibly worried he might let slip what they had been doing. About a year after, Derek would try to make amends but Victor wouldn't have anything to do with him. Victor's reputation kept other boys away from him and it would be another two years before he was to have sex with anybody else.